Western Shoe Show

Pictures are never the same as in person! Stimulate your senses; see the colours, feel the textures, and enjoy the fashion! Take advantage of the show by swinging by our booth in the Ballroom to see the exclusive designs only available at the Shoe Show! Looking forward to seeing you!

Summer Day Giveaway

  1. Place an Order of $500+
  2. Receive a FREE Handbag
  3. Use the handbag as a Door Prize for a Shopping Event at your Store.
  4. Print Draw Entry forms here. Or email us and we will send you Custom ones with your Store name!

Store Tips for Father's Day and Beyond!

Store Tips for Father's Day and Beyond!

  1. Pair items to help customers pick great Gift ideas for Father’s Day. For example, for stores that sell gift cards, display a WR Fashion Men’s Wallet with a gift card placed inside. Another example, place products inside the WR Fashion Shaving Kit and sell it as a package.
  2. Team up with a local store in the area and advertise for Father’s Day together. For example, if there is a popular diner in town arrange that your store’s coupon is handed out will the bill; in return you can advertise for...

Ways to get your Store Ready for Mother's Day!

Ways to get your Store Ready for Mother's Day!

Mom's should be celebrated everyday! And that's probably why Mother's Day is such a huge occasion! Here are ways you can get your store ready for Mother's Day and celebrate Moms! 

1. Create a "For Mom" section in your store.

2. You can Start by Viewing our Mother's Day Top Picks here

3. Place an Order of $500+ and as our Mother's Day Promotion and receive a FREE handbag with order! (or FREE SHIPPING)

4. Make a draw for your Customers to WIN a handbag for MOTHER'S DAY! Print entry forms here.

5. Plan early so you can advertise...