Store Tips for Father's Day and Beyond!

  1. Pair items to help customers pick great Gift ideas for Father’s Day. For example, for stores that sell gift cards, display a WR Fashion Men’s Wallet with a gift card placed inside. Another example, place products inside the WR Fashion Shaving Kit and sell it as a package.
  2. Team up with a local store in the area and advertise for Father’s Day together. For example, if there is a popular diner in town arrange that your store’s coupon is handed out will the bill; in return you can advertise for the diner in your store as well. You can team up with Embroidery stores, flower shops, or even coffee shops!
  3. Give your customers a reason to come back! At the cash throw in a coupon for their next purchase. Depending what products your store sells, you can also hand out free samples, mini gifts, or even chocolate so they leave with a positive shopping experience! Get creative.
  4. Who says dad isn’t going to buy mom a wallet too! Display WR Fashion Ladies’ Wallets alongside a matching WR Fashion handbag! Visual merchandising is key!

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